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قیمت هارد 495276-002 HP 450-GB 10K FC-AL HDD

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قیمت هارد 495276-002 HP 450-GB 10K FC-AL HDD

StorageWorks 450GB 10K Fibre Channel
40 pin 2GB/s HotSwap FCAL Hard Drive 

Part Number(s)
Option Part# AP729A
Option Part# AP729B
Spare Part# 518736-001
Assembly Part# 495276-002
Bare Model# BD450DAJZH

Compaq/HP FCAL Hard Drives are provided with the speed reliability and functionality needed for today's StorageWorks systems. All Compaq/HP Hard Drives are designed and tested for compatibility and interoperability in the systems for which they are intended in order to provide the immediate flawless integration expected from Compaq/HP storage solutions. 

قیمت هارد

CategoryStorageworks HDD
GenerationFibre Channel
Part Number495276-002
Products ID457266
TypeHard Drive Hot-Swap
Form Factor3.5 inch x 1 inch Plug-in Module
Interface TypeFC-AL
Data Transfer Rate2GB/s
Rotational Speed10000RPM
Pre-Failure WarrantyYes
Enlarge Image of Part# 495276-002 Fibre Channel 10K

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Enlarge 495276-002's Side Image

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Enlarge 495276-002's Front Image
Enlarge 495276-002's Back Image

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Enlarge 495276-002's Bottom Image

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Enlarge 495276-002's Left Side Image
Enlarge 495276-002's Right Side ImageEnlarge 495276-002's Ground ImageEnlarge 495276-002's Connector Image

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